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More Americans are retiring than ever before.

The biggest generation in American history is retiring.
10,000 people every day.

What is day one?

In 2011, hundreds of people across the country were asked to photograph their first day of retirement. These photos and the accompanying documentaries capture the moment of transition in a life.

Today it's even more challenging as the institution of retirement itself is in transition. People are living longer than ever, there are more than 76 million baby boomers entering this next stage of their lives and 28% of workers are not at all confident they will have enough money for a comfortable retirement. 1

As you look through the pictures, read the quotes, and watch the films, it's clear these issues are on the minds of these people. And yet, the more you look, the more you see the optimism. The smiles. The hands raised triumphantly. There is a hope, and a belief that they will make it through. That this is just the first day of a long and happy retirement.

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No. of retirees since 1/1/11

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Number of retirees since January First, two thousand eleven: 00000000

Visualizing The Retirement Boom


1 Recognition of Excellence in Aging Research Committee Report of the Special Committee on Aging,” United States Senate, February 28, 2007.

Please reference one of the following guides to help you consider, plan, and enjoy your retirement.

Image of Generation Y book cover

Generation-Y: Prudential Individual Life Insurance Research Report

This research report explores Generation Y's knowledge of and attitude towards life insurance, and how they prefer to purchase life insurance and communicate with providers.

Read the Research Report PDF Icon (409KB)
published: January 2014

National Retirement Risk Index

National Retirement Risk Index

Prudential is the exclusive sponsor of the National Retirement Risk Index, a measurement of Americans' retirement preparedness produced by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.

Planning for Retirement: The Impact of Market Recoveries on Retirement Readiness

Planning for Retirement: The Impact of Market Recoveries on Retirement Readiness.

This paper summarizes Prudential-sponsored research by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College on the impact of the equity and housing market recoveries on the National Retirement Risk Index, and examines ways to improve Americans' retirement prospects.

Read the White Paper PDF Icon (355KB)
published: January 2014

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